Winter Cork

Winter Cork is now available October 5, 2018 00:00

We are loving Cork - owner of The Clementine is also founder of LIGA - our leading brand within The Clementine. The designed range of Cork tableware and homewares makes up a unique product offering.

Cork is harvested every nine years, the bark is extracted from the Cork Oak without any harm. Cork trees can live for more than 200 years and the more cork we use, the more trees will be planted.

Cork is sustainable, renewable and recyclable - practical too, water impermeable and easily wipe clean and insulating.

So as continuation of the LIGA range we have launched Winter Cork in store and online; four new designs inspired by the beauty of nature & the magic of Winter.

Available as Placemats & Coaster, sets come beautifully packaged with a paper wrap. However can be sold individually allowing you to mix and match.

The placemats allow you to create a natural look for your Christmas table for gatherings with friends and family.

Try adding sprigs of greenery, dried orange segments & cinnamon sticks. Team this with our Christmas Orange Spice candle to finish off your Christmas table.