Our Story

Our future is bright, our future is eco ...

Our store, The Clementine opened in Fowey in 2011 and fulfilled a long held dream to have a shop full of 'beautiful things.’ The Truro store opened just a year later and many happy years of retail followed.

This was a period of experimentation, of listening to customers and learning and was such an important time to allow us to be where we are today.
In 2015 we looked to source eco homewares made from sustainable materials and we couldn’t find what we were after. From ideas, conversations, trips away and a whole lot of imagination LIGA was born.
Our brand LIGA now has over five hundred products all eco and made from sustainable materials, the majority designed in-house and hand finished in Cornwall.
The time feels right to change our beloved Clementine into a new LIGA Eco store, from April 2021.
The LIGA eco store will showcase the whole of the LIGA brand under one roof as well as some very special eco guest brands to enhance and really make special the customer shopping experience.
We remain the same team and will always have The Clementine close to our hearts - but for us all to have a future it must be eco.