Cork Yoga Block | Breathe
Cork Yoga Block | Breathe

Cork Yoga Block | Breathe

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Just Breathe Cork Yoga Block. 

Our yoga blocks help to bring the floor closer to you. You can sit on them, reach for them in standing, balancing poses or use them as support in reclined back-bends. They support the body to help it settle into a pose. 

The Just Breathe design reminds us to stop and take a moment, to focus on our breath during those relaxing yoga sessions. 

Cork is a sustainable, renewable and natural material that provides strong support for yoga positions but is warm to the touch. Cork amazingly carries on absorbing CO2 after harvesting, meaning our yoga blocks help to improve air quality, making your calm space even calmer.

Sold in Singles

Size: 23cm x 12cm x 8cm

Material: Cork

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