Ocean Print


Introducing our Art Prints, The Elementals - inspired by Nature & the Psychology of Colour.

Each print has the definition of the Element and the healing properties of the colours written at the bottom.

Definition: A body of salt water which covers 72% of the Earth's surface.
Colours: Blue is relaxing, healing and calming invoking feelings of trust, honesty and security.
Choose from A2 or A3 Prints framed or unframed.

Six Prints - Ocean, Beach, Glacier, Volcano, Forest and Rock.

Also in our Elemental range - Diffusers and Candles - OCEAN - Citrus Breeze & Driftwood, BEACH - Bergamot, Orange & Vanilla, VOLCANO - Cassis & Fig, FOREST - Wild Wood & Lavender, GLACIER - Sweet Sparkling Lemon, ROCK - Sandalwood & Mandarin

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